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5 Dec 2021



A productivity app built for Do-ers. Also since I wanted experiment with golang and was never happy with any other todo app since they were either too minimal or too complex. Upscape implements time-blocking and ahead planning productivity techniques to ensure you stay productive throughout the day.

Tech Stack


Daily Highlights

Ping a reminder to help you focus on the most important ask of the day. Stay focused, stay sharp and stay resilient. Daily Highlight

Plan Ahead

Create tasks for tomorrow today! Tomorrow Tasks

Hue Based Hour Intensities

Visual indicators to let you know the work intensity throughout the day. medium intensity max intensity normal intensity


This was my hands-on project with golang apart from tutorials. The most complicated aspect of building the back-end was the intergation with MongoDB. Unfortunately, Go does not have a convienient ORM for MongoDB like mongoose for javascript. Instead, I ended up writing all the queries myself using the official database drive. Apart from the minor greviance, building the API using Gin was actually pretty simple and its framework structure was pretty intutive although albiet not as simple as express.